The Long Goodbye

This may come as a shock to some but it has been decided (a little while ago, actually): we will be leaving the Falkland Islands in June and won’t be returning. I won’t go into the details publicly, for personal and professional reasons, but it’s nothing untoward. Our time here has simply come to an end (as it was originally meant to three years ago).

Obviously the timing isn’t ideal; there’s this global pandemic on, you see. Our destination is currently unknown, but if this move has taught us anything it’s that you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Those who have followed the blog over the past five years will know that these islands do (and will always) hold a very special place in our hearts. Our lives have changed in no small number of ways since we arrived here and so it will be incredibly difficult for us to say goodbye. It was always going to be.

Signing off the blog is not going to be easy either and we have a lot to organise before our departure so, for now, I leave you with the most appropriate photo that I have taken this week: the sun sets on Stanley silhouetting what remains of HMS Afterglow. Even her name seems appropriate now.DSC_0453

Stay safe and see you on the other side.