We’re baaaaaaaaack

Well, we’re back in the Falkland Islands! And ‘we’ now means the three of us! Our first child was born in October and we are, obviously, delighted. We arrived back in the islands two days ago after a surprisingly smooth 18-hour Airbridge flight with a 4-month old. Two days and we have still not seen a single penguin! Shocking, I know (we’ll aim to change that later, don’t worry). We’ve been away for the best part of 5 months now and we are feeling it! Refamiliarising ourselves with our own house has been a surreal experience.

While much of the beauty of  life here is that things move slowly and many things rarely change, there have still been some noticeable differences in our absence. The transient nature of much of the workforce here means that many good friends have left the islands during our time away, which inevitably saddens us a little. There are, however, many new faces to get to know too and some of our closest friendships have begun here with even fleeting visitors.We look forward to finding out who our new friends will be.

As I previously explained, the blog will take something of a back seat as we figure out how to operate Bailey Child Version 1 but I’ll still aim to give the occasional update where I can.

We have chosen to keep this blog for our own records and for friends/family who might find it interesting to follow our various adventures (whilst also remaining aware that this is completely open to the public). We made this choice as informed adults, but our baby doesn’t quite have that level of evaluation yet. As a result, we are conscious of online privacy, safeguarding and issues around consent (and we don’t wish to begin the slippery slope of using our child as a tool for online popularity). As a result, baby updates/images won’t be featuring on here or any form of social media so please don’t expect to see them. Penguins, on the other hand, there will be plenty of.

2 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaaaaack

  1. You’re now “the three musketeers”. So pleased the journey went well and you are getting into the swing of things. Looking forward to reading more updates on life in Stanley. Best wishes.


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