Interesting faaact of the daaaay:

This is a World map. In the words of REM: “that’s me in the corner”:

world map

Let’s be a little more specific (thanks to OpenStreetMap), we’re just here in Stanley and here’s the layout of the area to get you more familiar:map

If we take 15 minutes to drive out of our house, onto Stanley’s bypass (Airport Road) and zip past Stanley Airport, we reach the area called Cape Pembroke. It’s a nice area, with one gravel road running through it leading to the Lighthouse there, which sits on the most Easterly point of the entire Falklands archipelago. It’s also a National Nature Reserve, though that hasn’t stopped the government recently going against the consensus of their own public consultation and refusing to ban off-road driving there; explanation unknown). True to the Reserve’s purpose, the bird life is always nice to see and quite a few other things besides. If you look VERY carefully, you’ll see a female sea lion in the water in the picture below:

I could wax lyrical about how lucky we are that we can access the place so easily, but you’ve had all that before from this blog. What I do like about Cape Pembroke is that you can wander around the coast there and look out at the Billy Rocks; the doom of many a passing ship in the age of sail and since:


And you can stand at this spot and look East, this time of year also brings the odd other attraction as occurred Friday afternoon:DSC_8099DSC_8101That’s a Southern Right Whale (there were two there on Friday) and we’ve talked about seeing them off Cape Pembroke before, but this time I’ve been doing some maths just to improve the sense of location here and it leaves you with an inexplicably odd feeling when you stand there. If that Southern Right Whale were to swim directly East from where it is, it would be able to continue swimming for over 14,000 miles. It wouldn’t hit a single piece of land until it came to Chile (which is just a few hundred miles from where it is shown here). I wonder how many places there are on this planet where you can stand and for that to be true. And I wonder if I’ll ever stand at another one again. I like that little factoid because we’ve been to Cape Pembroke hundred of times, but that removes the sense of routine from the spot.

Is there anywhere that you visit/have visited hundreds of times but has some added ‘thing’ that makes you consider it differently?

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