No, not off Scotland

As previously explained, I quite like to share the odd tidbit of Falklands trivia. This appeared on Facebook this week and it rings true of many visitors’ comments that we’ve heard here (along the lines of “you don’t realise how big the Falklands are until you get here”). Now comprehend the following with a population of 3,300 people (about the same as a UK village).

Contrary to popular belief the Falkland Islands are not somewhere off the coast of Scotland but this is how big they’d look if they were. The Falklands are actually about the size of Wales (UK) or Connecticut (USA)

No photo description available.

3 thoughts on “No, not off Scotland

  1. The Islands are 51 degrees South. 51 degrees North is around the Bristol Channel. Hence why there are no icebergs crashing onto the Falklands beaches and they receive the same amount of daylight per year as Oxford. If they were up near Shetland, it would be light at midnight in the summer and about 5 hours daylight in winter! Good to see them on the map, though. It would certainly make the airbridge more bearable if they were located near St Kilda!


    • Aye, it might be nice if they were a little closer, but then I guess they wouldn’t be so special and certainly wouldn’t have the abundance of penguins that they currently do. Still, interesting to see the comparison. Well, I thought so at least. Hope you two are keeping well? I’ll send you a private message shortly, be nice to catch up.


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