Looking differently

I’ll be quick as an unexpected computer error on my part ate up 80% of this month’s internet in one morning (Falklands problems – for another day). I just wanted to pop on to mention two things. One was this image that appeared online recently:


Quite a different way of seeing the World and really putting some perspective on us. Interesting, then, that the only other thing I wanted to share before we get more internet next month is a huge congratulations to our friends on the INSV Tarini for completing their all-female circumnavigation!

You may remember the team stopped in for a brief visit on our previous post but we’ve been following the rest of their incredible journey since and, much as we were sad to see them depart, we were very happy to hear of their safe return to Goa. Well done all and thanks for the unforgettable gulabjamun delivery! We look forward to hearing more about what these inspiring women and their trusty  craft will be up to next. Perhaps it’s not such a large World after all!

More updates coming I’m sure, but with Winter fast shutting us out of daylight and Camp, you can expect them to be somewhat limited.

5 thoughts on “Looking differently

  1. Hi

    I love that photo! How are you getting on? I saw a photo of you both at a royal wedding party, looking very smart.

    I’m trying to figure out logistics to get to Ireland in August for your anniversary – boat, plane, car, etc. I just wanted to be sure we aim for the right place at the right time. 23rd August in ??

    Hope the winter isnt too bad for you and you have some internet left. We’re having spotty connectivity, but we are basking in a heatwave in the west of Scotland, with darkness descending about 11pm,

    Best to Han



    • Thanks Peter. We’re doing well but you two are, predictably, missed.
      Yes, we attended the Royal Wedding party (with thanks to you, I believe). We loved it and Han made quite the effort to British up for the day despite her Irish treason.
      August in Ireland is the 25th (Saturday) but the right weekend. Limerick, so Shannon airport is nearest. Hope you can make it!
      Winter is OK really – never as bad as you expect it to be, especially looking at that map!
      Looks like your travels are going great, hope you’re keeping a list of all the places you’ve been as it must be getting long!

      Chat soon,

      B and Irish.


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