Welcome home, newlyweds!

It’s high time to end a predictable and necessary silence on the blog. Quite simply, we’ve had a busy few months. The Wednesday before I flew down here in 2015 I proposed to Han, so for the last two years we’ve had the Wedding build-up ticking over in the background. We’d planned to marry in Ireland at the end of our contract (despite my pointing out the temptations of a Falklands wedding) so in July, Han left the Islands heading for the UK/Ireland to finalise the plans for the big day. Aside from our compassionate flight up to the UK in January, we’ve not been home during our time here and that trip wasn’t one for socialising, so there was an added sense of excitement to an already big day. While we’ve been here, Han has gained a lot of skills and ramped up her creative/artsy/craft skills, so the wedding had a major element of ‘DIY’ on her part. There was also, understandably, a huge nod to our lives here throughout many different aspects of the wedding. These ranged from the penguins on our invites, to the pictures/table names themed on Falklands animals to the wool Han spun from Milo that was used to hold the rings and in the ceremony itself. In life, we move places where we live and it’ll usually affect your day-to-day goings on, but I’m not sure either of us predicted that our life here would have such an impact on so many other things. Our Wedding was one, but I suspect this place is going to affect us in other ways (if it hasn’t already). We were incredibly lucky with how everything came together and we couldn’t have asked for anything to go much better. Our amazing photographer Ciara (of Tilted Tripod Wedding Photography) did the best job of telling the story of the day:

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/233368783″>hannah+bailey</a&gt; from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/tiltedtripodphotos”>Ciara McCullough</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

We were reminded just how lucky we are to have so many close friends and family who cared enough to travel and celebrate with us. We were also very lucky with how generous our guests were and want to thank everyone who came to make our day so unbelievably unforgettable.

Following the Wedding, Han was insistent that we find some sun. Yes, we get sunny days here in Stanley, but the unrelenting wind means that it’s rarely T-shirt and shorts weather. We’d originally hoped to honeymoon on Ascension Island, but  that plan soon went out the window with the closing of Wideawake Airfield. The RAF Airbridge is now re-routed to Cape Verde Islands. ‘Yes!’ we thought, ‘that’ll be perfect!’. Sadly, negotiations have not yet concluded to allow civilians out of the terminal so we had a rethink and opted to continue our small island culture and head to Malta, where my parents lived for a couple of years and my brother was born.

There were few comparisons to be made with our islands compared to Malta, Gozo and Comino but we had an amazing time nonetheless – swimming in the sea was one refreshing novelty (aside from the annual Mid-Winter Swim here, of course). It does seem, though, that there is something about small island life that brings out the best in people.

We returned to the UK for a few days before flying down South again, only to be greeted by signs that the weather was improving:


Our return was filled with highlights: we were quickly reminded of what it truly means to live in a COMMUNITY. Straight away, at the customs desk at the airport, we received congratulations on our marriage, then again as we headed into town and everywhere we’ve been. Nowhere else in the World would you pass a newspaper office and have the editor yell congratulations out the window. Everywhere we’ve been, people have been pleased to see us back and congratulating us and it’s easy to lose sight of what that’s like when you’ve come from somewhere like London.

Of course, it’s also been good to see one old friend again:IMG_9004There have been some changes while we’ve been away: the Falklands welcomed its new Governor with a rare use of the Victory Guns on the seafront:IMG_8964And, we’ve slowly been getting signs that Winter is over and the islands are starting their annual rejuvenation:

Here’s looking ahead to another cracking Falklands Summer filled with new experiences and unforgettable adventures as husband and wife.