I would hazard a guess that one of the main reasons people bother to log on to our blog (though those numbers are admittedly quite low in the grand scheme of the internet) is to gain an insight into life in the Falkland Islands. This week we were made aware of two things that might just be able to offer anyone curious about the Islands a slice of Falkland life if they so Desire (there’s a little Falklands history pun there but it’s a bit specialist; the Desire was the first British ship to land in the Falklands and gave birth to the motto featured on the Falklands flag – Desire the Right; that might make the Falklands the only country in the World with a pun on its flag, I’ve not certified that).
Anyway, I digress. My point is that if you’re located in or near London and are looking for a free thing to do then the Falklands 35 exhibition is on at the A and D gallery this week. It’s somewhat personal for us as Han took one of the photos in the display and our friends took and feature in some of the others too so it’s well worth stopping by:
Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and natureThe other thing that we were made aware of that might help the curious to gain some understanding of life here was a similarly rare event to the one above: the Falklands featuring in some light-hearted Irish investigative journalism!
We can highly recommend a read of the following article on, as it transpire, Daniel O’Donnell being the most Googled person in our beloved territory:
I can’t say I was aware of this before or during our stay here but I also can’t say I’m all that surprised.
We like to say
“there are two types of music in the Falklands: Country and Western”.
(This isn’t strictly true and there are some excellent other and bands here, but the predominant music heard/expected/demanded at many functions is more Country/Western).
Hopefully someone out there will get a chance to view one or both of these intriguing peepholes into our home from afar and have their curiosity aroused by something they might not have expected to.

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