Gripping drama!

Over the past few weeks this guy (I assume?) has fast become our second favourite sheep in the Falklands. Just outside Goose Green settlement, he has abandoned his friends and found some lovely grass in an inexplicably fenced-off area. We are reliably informed by our friend involved in the de-mining program that it takes 30-35kg to set off the anti-personnel mines and they are very much still active. Milo weighs in at over 40kg, so the jury’s out on this guy’s chances (especially with previous form here of a cow setting of an anti-tank mine with disastrous consequences). Is his weight spread over 4 legs enough to see him through? How long will he last? Will he escape? Can they allow him to stay in there? Gripping drama at 51 degrees South! The Brits love a plucky underdog: God speed, unknown sheep of the Goose Green minefield!DSC_0012

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