The calm before the storm

Today, Han’s parents left their home heading for Shannon airport. They have boarded a flight to the UK and are making their way to RAF Brize Norton to begin the 18 hour ‘Airbridge’ flight down (via Ascension Island) to RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. They land tomorrow afternoon and it’ll be the first time Han and I will have seen them in well over a year. Next Monday, Han’s brother and sister arrive at the same place to join us. It’ll mean we may be off the blog for a while but you can rest assured we’ll be getting up to plenty, going on numerous trips showing off the Falkland Islands and all they have to offer those willing to make the journey.

Christmas in Stanley certainly won’t be the same the second time around and we look forward to what the next few weeks brings. I do wonder if, like us, they ever thought they’d find themselves flying to the Falkland Islands to, say, watch the traditional Boxing Day races at Stanley racecourse or see a curious baby gentoo look you up and down. I guess our decision to move here has had wider effects than we first thought it might.

4 thoughts on “The calm before the storm

  1. Happy reunions to you all, how exciting it’ll be!! I hope ye all have a wonderfull Christmas and certainly it’ll be one to remember. Say hi to all the penguins and I’m looking forward to lots of photos! Lots of love from us in Baringo..


    • Having watched the programmes on TV. .and reading your blog. …I eny you all …have a wonderful time and bank the experience with wonderful memories…I love another pic with sheep and you all singing a carol!!!!


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