Is this the real World?

One of the statements you hear surprisingly often from people who are leaving the Falkland Islands is that “it’s not the real World, is it?”.

It’s a bizarre statement but it’s one that, when you dig a little deeper, you can make some sense of. The lack of crime, the albeit unintentional sense of isolationism, the infrastructure consisting of so many limitations, the local newspaper (the inimitable Penguin News) reporting the issues of c.2800 people and the all round quaintness of the Islands can all make for a wonderful community to live in if you appreciate it. For some, it can be too much. You observe the advances going on in others’ lives through their projected image online and see the issues affecting them and can end up feeling left behind.

Today? Today, this doesn’t feel like such a bad thing. If being disconnected with what’s happening in the Northern hemisphere isn’t living in the ‘real World’, then that has to be OK in the current political climate.

Perhaps below might provide a guide to the minimum amount of time to spend in the Falkland Islands:

Countdown to the 2020 Presidential Election

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