Opportunity Knocks

We expected a move to the Falkland Islands to be an adventure – it played a large part in the decision to move here (that and the fact that I’m a Falklands War geek with a mild resentment of being forced to move to the pancake flat expanses of rural Essex). One trend that I’ve noticed as a running theme of our time here is the sheer number of new experiences, opportunities taken up and unusual skills gained. I can’t say all of them will be all that useful in the future (I suspect our ability to mimic the unique walks and calls of 5 different species of penguins might be somewhat defunct elsewhere in the World) but it doesn’t stop us taking part in the different things that go on simply for novelty’s sake. Two examples have featured in the past few weeks.

Firstly, the annual Mid-Winter Swim took place on Saturday 18th June 2016. In the middle of the Southern Winter, some 307 idiots assembled on Surf Bay just outside Stanley to plunge into the South Atlantic Ocean and raise some money for some local good causes and, most importantly, earn a Certificate of Lunacy signed by HE The Governor of the Falkland Islands. Not being ones to turn down some lunacy, we turned up with the other ‘swimmers’ to get stuck in. I did notice a distinct  surplus of contractors, military personnel and visitors, with very few of the more sensible locals getting stuck in but nevertheless it’s all in a good cause. Han takes up the story with her version of events:

Some friends of ours with the local TV crew (FITV) also turned up to take the story so here’s their version of events if you want to check out their YouTube channel: FITV take on the Mid-Winter Swim

There are some other new experiences to be had here. It would appear that some of the laws that changed in the UK following a particular incident in Dunblane haven’t extended down here. As a result, we nipped along to the Stanley Gun Club to give this a go while we could:

A fine way to spend a clear but cold day. Han walked away the victor (thanks to 5 bullseyes scored from 10m, but I might add not from the 15m I got my 3), leaving plenty of room for references to Irish shooting skills.

Thankfully, there is always enjoyment to be had from some of the things that used to be novel but have become quite regular of late:

10 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocks

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    • Ah niecey Sarah! We’re missing you all too. We’ve been searching high and low for the largest, frilliest pink bridesmaids dress we can find, hope that’s OK? I’ll check out your blog over the weekend when I can spend some proper time going over it. If it needs some pictures of penguins, let us know. We have a few.


  3. I saw something about this the other week and wondered if you might have partaken! My boys are now mighty interested in next years …. me? Not so much!


  4. jeez that looks cold! Well done! If you guys are missing crazy cold swims when your back we have a New Years day one you can have some winter North Sea it’s also about 4 degrees! :-p


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