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  1. Your looking great Hannah! You’re having an absolute wonderful time in Falklands and you’ll have so many memories to take away. A very different way of life but reading your mail I’m thinking well that could be the Aran islands too!! A lot to said for life in a small community. Certainly the opposite to life in London commuting every day in the tube like a sardine for 2 hours! And no communication with anyone apart from the odd glance. How will you adapt back to that.
    Andrew has bought a house in Houston so he won’t be going back to sardine land any time soon. We had a fabulous 3 weeks out there in May. We did some amazing stuff including touching alligators in the Everglades and driving all the way down the Florida keys!
    Hard to believe you’re there nearly a year now.. And integrated totally !!
    I love reading all your stories about such a remote and interesting place. Keep them coming.
    Love to you and Bailey


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