Tough Landing

This time of the year marks many anniversaries, memorial services and commemorations. The Argentine invasion in 1982 was a defining moment in Falklands history and it is hard to put into words the effect that it had on this small community. One day, I’ll post more about the historical side of it but the social impacts are hard to underestimate. There is talk of life ‘before’ and ‘after’, very much epitomising the attitude toward the war. With so many people still alive and present in the community who remember those 74 days and with everyone else knowing several people who are able to recall what happened, there is, rightfully, little chance of the events being forgotten. Saturday 21st May marked Landing Day, the anniversary of the British Task Force landing at San Carlos on the West side of East Falkland. Some friends were heading out to stay at San Carlos so we tagged along, stopping off at Bertha’s Beach along the way to show a new arrival his first penguins. Turns out Winter has made the ground a lot more sodden as a small river had appeared slicing the beach in half and requiring a textbook river crossing as per all outdoor survival guidance:

Landing Day was highly celebrated with a service at the small graveyard but we arrived in time for a few drinks with the landowner. For the purposes of gathering sheep, culling the upland geese and for the inevitable farming mishaps many people out in Camp own rifles so Han and I had our first attempt at firing a .762mm. That’s another first chalked up to the Islands.

Speaking of firsts, we also got invited to a drive from Moody Brook at the West end of Stanley Harbour, up Mount Tumbledown and then across to a nearby hill named Two Sisters. The only thing is, it’s Winter, Camp is very, very wet and there’s no road. So we put the Pajero through its paces, with a lot of help from a local friend who charged donations to a local cancer support charity in exchange for towing us out when needed.

There is a noticeable 800kg difference between the old Hilux Surf and the new Pajero so we ended up needing three tows out by our local friend. Still, I’m learning a lot about off-roading and looking forward to some more trips.

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