New discoveries

This is a very long overdue post on my new discoveries here in the Falklands:
The restricted flights from South America cause the previously mentioned high cost of fresh fruit and vegetables. This has several side effects and one is the widespread gardening that occurs across town and Camp. There are more hours of daylight than the UK here but the predominant wind means that many a polytunnel adorns a Stanley garden. This has led to gardening, among other traditional hobbies, becoming a surprisingly competitive past-time. As many of you might have seen on the TV series ‘An Island Parish’, set here in the Falklands, one of the big events of the calendar is the annual Horticultural Show.I was lucky enough to receive a tall standing polytunnel for Christmas which I had placed in the garden but the wind soon saw to it that that didn’t stay together. With our pet sheep, Milo, having then gleefully eaten the one tomato plant we had going and our topsoil being all of a few inches deep we weren’t able to enter the gardening section but the baking category beckoned! This year I entered three categories in the baking: meringues, loaf cake and brownies. As I had only just arrived on the Islands at the time of the Show, my previously unknown name obviously caused a bit of curiosity as our entry into the raffle saw some comments of recognition at the new name in town. Small island life.

The traditional past-times don’t stop there, however, as I have also joined the local Quilting club which, to my surprise, I have become very addicted to. There is a local haberdashery shop (Sew What) that is open on Saturdays which I have spent at least 2 and a half hours in on several occasions chatting to locals and discussing upcoming projects.

I’ve also made my first quilt, that I’m extremely proud of but is on route to Ireland to my beautiful God-Daughter Rosie and I am looking at a slightly larger project to accommodate the cold Winter down here.FullSizeRender

Next up, we’ll be needing to get Milo shorn and I’ll be in touch with the Guild of Spinners and Weavers to see what we can do with his finest Merino fleece. Hopefully from sheep to…well, to be confirmed next season. Watch this space for quilting updates!
I’ll try not to leave it so long until my next update this time and stop letting Bailey hog all the posts.

One thought on “New discoveries

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post! We have been regular entrants into our town show here in Northumberland since we moved 4/5 years ago. The husband has spent this year practicing his bread baking and tray bakes in order to try and beat off the WI competition and was disappointed that we would miss the September competition due to our move to the Falklands so he is now buoyed up that he can enter over there (and will have months to practice in a different oven too!) Our 3 boys have been avid children’s entrants so this will give them an interest too.

    I am a keen knitter (and have stocked up on yarn to bring with me to continue with) but quilting looks very interesting too! We grow veg here and have won categories but I am not sure how our growing would fare in the conditions there, we shall wait and see!


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