Going Native

It feels odd to be blogging about blogging, but bear with me as I’m going somewhere with this. It’s no secret that this blog is Han and mine’s first foray into this lark and I never even thought I’d be narcissistic enough to write about our lives. I’ve been enjoying it so far but there is something strange going on as time goes by. The blog posts are getting fewer and further between and I’m slowly forgetting what might be of interest to our friends and family (if ever I knew to begin with). This got me thinking about the nature of what this blog means to us and to the people of the Falklands. We last lived in a sleepy village in Essex and not once did I consider our life there to be anything out of the ordinary, certainly not noteworthy enough for a website! Here in the Falkland Islands on first arrival I recognised that this is somewhere a little different. The thing is, as time has gone by, things that I never considered would do have started to become, dare I say it, ‘normal’. Looking back, my attitude to some things has definitely changed, my captions to photos might alter to some extent:

Now I don’t wish to play down life here, it’s by no means boring. I do, however, find myself becoming more and more used to some of the novelties of things like needing to drive in the low range gearbox, nipping down the road to get a penguin fix, snacking on teaberries and scurvy grass while wandering somewhere or passing shipwrecks here and there. Similarly, we never thought we’d ever have our own sheep and now it’s perfectly normal to pull up into the drive and hear Milo greet us with a “MAAA” muffled by a mouth full of grass (fat sheep!). I’ve no doubt that there will be a time when I will miss this stuff immensely, but for now it’s starting to feel somewhere uncomfortably near to usual. It’s  beginning to feel as if I’m blogging about our normal life and the normal lives of everyone we know here, which is odd! Do you, reading this, blog about your daily life and the daily lives of the people in your towns? Is it possible that I’m going native and no longer seeing our new home as out of the ordinary? If so, what will we have to blog about? The cold is closing in and the gravel roads are worsening so we’ll certainly have less to talk about, but we’ll try and keep you all updated. Just don’t be surprised if it drops off a little: it’s just our lives, after all.

8 thoughts on “Going Native

  1. Great morning spent catching up on the blog. Particularly enjoyed the Distance learning one…..tad bit relatable 😉
    P.S. if you don’t attend my wedding in Laos I’m not bothered with yours


    • Thanks Tara. I realised the other day it’s by far the longest I’ve spent away from home. Glad to hear we can save on one invite, just 7,699 to send now 🙂


  2. David and Hannah – It does sound as if you are getting used to the Falkland way of life and things are beginning to become par for the course. We all enjoy your blog and let us know all the happenings and events. However, as in the UK when winter approaches things quieten down owing to the weather and the land ‘rests’ before the advent of spring, so you may find your blog not so active. I loved the Autumn pictures Hannah posted on facebook. Keep it up and lots of love from us all.xxxxxxxxxx


  3. This post made me chuckle as all our queries must seem entirely mundane! We look forward to feeling like this once there.

    We too intend to set up a blog for friends and family but I have intended to do this before and ended up with only 2entries because, as you say, it is just our daily life.


    • It’s OK Charlotte, we recognise that life here is so different and others find it interesting, and before I moved down/when I first arrived I was so curious. It’s just odd that it is becoming more and more normal for us.


      • No Baily please don’t drop off
        I love reading your blog about your “out of the Ordinary ” life in the Falklands and it would be a shame not to keep it going about all your adventures and life even if it feels normal now … It’s a history / science / geography / scocial studies lesson plus much more all in one
        ( in my freezing office albeit May !! )


        • Ah thanks Puddy. We’ll continue to write, it’s just getting a little more odd as we do. We still have plenty to talk about and Han has a post ready to go. Glad to hear it’s still freezing up there, the long winter is closing in so the news about heatwaves from the Northern hemisphere isn’t always welcome.


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