A Berry Fine Day


Autumn on the road to Cape Pembroke

Winter is coming. It’s going to be long, it’s going to be cold and it’s going to be sincerely limiting in terms of our adventures. In the meantime, Autumn (at least, I THINK it’s Autumn but it’s kind of hard to tell as usually you’d look for the yellowing of the leaves but the lack of trees makes that less clear) brings with it some productivity as the short season of the local ‘teaberry’ sees the residents of Stanley out in force. We’d been told that finding spots was easy “just look for bums in the air, that’ll be teaberries”. They grow right on the ground in many places including Cape Pembroke just outside Stanley and are unlike anything else we’ve ever had. Very sweet, with a distinctive taste that’s hard to describe (something between a Fruit Salad sweet and a lychee, but not really like either). They’re used for teaberry buns/cakes and cheesecakes here but Han and I are currently arguing about whether our hard work is worth dropping into a bottle of gin for a few months.

An added bonus to nipping out to Cape Pembroke is that we get to see the Lady Liz on the way back – a sight we can see from Stanley but one I’m not sure we’ll ever tire of seeing and how could you?


One of many, many photos we possess of the Lady Liz (an 1879 steel ship damaged and never repaired here)

Next week is the last week of term so we’ll have to put some plans for the holidays together. On the plus side, it seems the week won’t go without event:12992952_851025134747_1183613353_n

2 thoughts on “A Berry Fine Day

  1. I have LOVED finding your blog! And you may get a scatter gun of comments from me – any replies I would really value as I have gained a teaching post there for September so am looking for as much info as poss as we go through the process of moving the family!


    • Hi Charlotte,
      I’ve picked your email up from the followers list so I’ll drop you an email soon as I’m sure we can help with many questions (we know it’s INCREDIBLY useful to have a contact here in advance of moving). We’ll be happy to help with anything. Be in touch soon,


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