Not so Bleaker photos, Part I

There is something about this place that lends itself well to photos so we take many, many photos. We have to whittle our comprehensive collection down but below are some of the stages of our (first) trip to Bleaker:

The journey in on the Islander and the settlement::

Bleaker is home to a HUGE colony of Imperial Cormorants:

Sea lions are usually found with a male and his ‘harem’, the colony at Bleaker is no exception but other males will try to kidnap females to breed with them:

Bleaker has all 5 penguins but we were most captivated by the Rockhoppers’ seemingly death-defying emergence from the choppy waters and their climb to the surface, as well as the rare Macaroni with its distinctive eyebrow and the gentoos on their beach:

The main predators for some of the penguins are the Caracaras, also known as Johnny Rooks. These guys are incredibly intelligent, to the point that friends have seen them unzip bags and rifle through as well as steal camera lenses. These guys are very, very cheeky and weren’t afraid of us at all. Quite rightly so.

Bleaker gave us a great trip with some good friends and some memorable events, and little did we know that more was to come.

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