Hatching plans

One of the constant running themes here is the wildlife. We keep banging on about it but now, as Spring/Summer gets under way, it’s breeding season! The Islands are coming alive and we’ve been able to revisit different sites to see, at first, the eggs being guarded and later the chicks appearing and growing. It’s still surreal to think that we’re here in the Falklands wandering among penguin colonies and searching the long grass for wild sea lions but you forget all of that when you are a few feet away from a Gentoo parent feeding its chick – straight out of an Attenborough spesh! Anyway, here’s a few shots of the last week.

4 thoughts on “Hatching plans

  1. Not jealous at all………. looks amazing how much are flights again???? Not sure if I can convince Neil its a reasonable 30th birthday present but you never know!


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