Snaps from the walk:

My first post! I thought I’d better jump on the blogging bandwagon and get a post in there before Bailey gets too far ahead of me, not that we’re competitive. These are just 5 shots from the trip we went on yesterday. I still get excited every time I see a penguin. This little guy was all on his own playing around in the surf. However we did spot quite a few in their burrows, nesting away.

One little Magellanic Penguin, Gypsy Cove

Looking out through one of the shipwrecks. There are many shipwrecks in various states around the Falklands, both wooden and metal.

A Falklands Thrush, apparently. No zoom needed, they’re quite friendly like the rest of the wildlife.

A Magellanic Cormorant/Shag, nesting near Gypsy Cove

Bailey getting closer to the Night-herons, with Cormorants nesting in the foreground. The gorgeous beach in the background is Yorke Bay, sadly littered with landmines and only accessible to the Magellanic penguins that inhabit it.

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