On Her Majesty’s Service

I was told that my arrival here would time well with Spring and that it’d be the perfect time to get out and explore. I am also told that what we’re currently experiencing isn’t usual! Whilst I’ve avoided weather forecasts since arriving  on the basis that people giving live commentary on the ground couldn’t keep up with the changes here, this week saw the first opportunity to relax within the confines of Stanley proper. The wind was certainly over 40mph today and alternating between sun and snow the whole week put us off making any firm plans so it’s a weekend in the Capital! That sounds a bit more spectacular when said in countries with more than 2500 people in.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

With that in mind it has been an odd week, having gotten so used to the various adventures available, but it did allow the opportunity to explore some aspects of Stanley that I hadn’t yet had the chance to do; the Cathedral (with a stone from Canterbury Cathedral for a taste of home), the Museum (genuinely brilliant, and I am a Museum connoisseur) and a swift half at one of the few bars not yet sampled then dinner at a friend’s where they’d splashed out on some actual fresh veg for a salad! Luxurious!
This week also brought with it the first signs of a Falklands tradition that I have to confess to looking forward to. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office still, unusually, assign an ambassador to act as the Governor of the Falklands and have done for over 150 years (bar a few months of forced Argentine governorship – you may have heard about that). This means that there remains a unique social hierarchy running alongside the everyday, but we have the pleasure of being invited to meet the man himself.


Cheers Gov'

Cheers Gov’

As an odd aside, despite the fact that it isn’t the case in the UK, all Falkland Island Government post MUST have ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ stamped on it. To some, it is another example of the in-your-face Britishness of the Islands that is certainly present. To me, it’s pretty badass. Not quite James Bond, but I’ll see what I can do about finding a stamp with ‘secret’ included.
I should add that anyone wanting to write to me/us can ask for our address (though just my name and Falkland Islands would probably do as there is no postman so the Post Office just learn your name and work place and your mail gets delivered to you at work) and I will go old skool and write back! It may take a while but I can try. I am told that Falkland stamps are quite desirable to those of that inclination.

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