Donner meat – South Atlantic style

Yesterday was my 29th Birthday, a somewhat muted affair given that Han isn’t here, I’m 8000 miles from my UK friends and family and it’s the first day of term today. Still, it merited a meal out with 12 other new friends down here and I’d been hearing all about the local squid. It turns out that, following 1982, a 200 mile patrolled fishing zone was established around the Falklands and is managed sustainably to provide 10% of the world’s squid supply (I hear the school was built from squid fishing money). Anyway, the Malivina House Hotel (named after the daughter of the owner, nothing to do with the more controversial name for the Islands ending in S) serves a beautiful kung pao squid so I finally got a chance to sample the local catch.
Interestingly, Government House in Stanley is also home to South Georgia government (no population as such, but a research base). It transpires that South Georgia government (these 6ish people) decided to remove all non-native species to the Island for preservation purposes and, as a result, the reindeer population of South Georgia was culled, butchered, frozen and packed of to Stanley. The up-side of this is that various freezers around Stanley are stocked with reindeer meat and last night I had a lovely hotpot of reindeer meat. I figured it’d be worth a go while there’s still some left knocking around. Strong tasting, but very good meat. See what I did there? Donner meat…?
I am desperate to get across to South Georgia but have been assured/shot down by various people that it is just not going to happen – unless you’re on a cruise, which may only be a one day stopover, or working there and I’m unlikely to be on either. Damn!

2 thoughts on “Donner meat – South Atlantic style

  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Good to hear you actually get the squid down there – according to a Falklands documentary I saw the money from the licences makes up 65% of Government income or something along those lines! Will have to send you some squid recipes!

    An ex colleague of mine works on South Georgia removing the rats – think your best sticking with Reindeer meat on that front though!


    • Thanks Sarah! Yeah, it’s huge income here (and delicious income!) and from what I hear the Argentine waters aren’t managed at all sustainably so their stocks are depleted and the Falklands are thriving.
      I’m desperate to get across to South Georgia so if you’re at all able to make that happen I’d owe you one big time! I could send you some of my first batch of diddle-dee gin? (patent/copyright pending)


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