Assembling the Task Force

HomeWith just 7 weeks to go before B flies out from RAF Brize Norton (H is following in October), preparations for the move are well under way! We’ve been lucky enough to hear from a number of people in the Falklands (all of whom have been out-of-their-way helpful!) and so we have a little more of an idea of what we are letting ourselves in for! We’ve read of people comparing Stanley to a Lego town and the multi-coloured roofs of the typical houses go some way to explaining that. We’ve been lucky enough to get a picture of our future residence sent to us (thanks Zoe!) and it seems we’re the dark green flavour of Lego.

As you can see, the heatwave we’re enjoying up here isn’t exactly striking down there (obviously it’s mid-winter in the Southern hemisphere and the Falklands are about 5 degrees colder than the UK on average). At the moment, we have as many questions as everyone else so we’ll update you as we get closer to the time and the flight!

As we’ve mentioned, please feel free to use this as a place to keep in touch with us as well as up-to-date – we’ll look forward to comments, messages and updates from you too!

15 thoughts on “Assembling the Task Force

  1. Whoo all signed up to hear about your adventures! Can’t wait to get you back though, I’ll make sure Hannah gets on the plane for you. Good luck unpacking (he he just keep remembering how much stuff you still have to come over) 🙂


    • Good work Smeggy, glad you’re signed up. Don’t worry, my plan to ensure Han’s arrival should work 🙂 I’ve not yet had a chance to start unpacking as I’ve been taken around everywhere sorting things and been out for drinks and dinners so it’s a bit full-on so I should have some time soon to get myself together. Can’t wait for the end of September when the boxes arrive with all my outdoor gear (including my new Mammuts!). Oh yeah, and because it’ll be closer to Han’s arrival, of course.


    • Almost as exciting as the funky new stamps in my passport from both Ascension and the Falklands! It was a bit of a slog that flight but not so bad, my first long haul flight so I guess I had nothing to compare it too. I’ll update the blog soon but all’s going well here. Very manic, loads to do and had a great introduction and tours around.
      Speak soon!


  2. Hi mr Bailey its Meg from 8w we all really miss u ( even though it’s the school holidays) I even got a message from Lizzie saying she cried for 2 nights after you left on the 23rd💗 don’t forget to keep in touch with us😌can u email me
    Thanks sir


    • Hi Megan,
      Great to hear from you and I hope your holidays are going well? That’s very sweet, thank you! I was very sad to leave you all but you’ll all be fine with the wonderful Mrs O’Neill. I’ll update the blog soon but I think you can sign up to receive updates to save having to come back and check it often and it won’t be going anywhere so you know where to find me.


  3. Hey guys
    Comhghairdeas! Site looks great and I’m very excited for you both. Make sure my room has a nice view please!
    Go n’eirí an bóthar leat.


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